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Sashiko Hitomezashi Class
Sashiko Hitomezashi Class
Sashiko Hitomezashi Class

Sashiko Hitomezashi Class


Slow Stitches Studio

 Have you ever wanted to learn this Japanese embroidery style called SASHIKO? Sashiko stitching is a very relaxing and soothing process. It is just a running stitch but the resulting geometric pattern is stunning.  This is a great technique to mend or repair your old Jeans, too. If you would like to try, please bring them. The stitching may look complicated but actually, it isn't!  

In this 3 hour class, you can make a lavender sachet, a pincushion or a coaster.  

You will learn how to draw a line for stitching. 

-Booking can be made at your preferred time during studio open hours on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

-Please text 513-404-2437 to check availability.






 クラスのご予約は、513-404-2437 までテキストをお願いします。

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