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Six Classes Ticket

Six Classes Ticket


Slow Stitches Studio

These class packages are available for build-your-own classes that you may choose freely from activities like, knitting, crochet, sewing, sashiko, needle felting, spinning, embroidery, dyeing, and etc. Please bring your own ideas and help us make them come true!

-Each class is two-hours long.

-Materials are NOT included. Please bring or buy the material on the day. 

-The tickets are not used for group workshops.

-Class Tickets pricing;

One class - 35 dollars 

2 classes - 66 dollars ( 33 / one time)

3 classes - 96 dollars ( 32 / one time)

4 classes - 120 dollars ( 30 /one time)

6 classes - 168 dollars ( 28 / one time)

 After purchasing the tickets, please reserve your preferred date and time to 513-404 2437 ( TEXT ) or (E-Mail).




 チケットをご購入後、513-404-2437 までテキストか までメールにてご予約を承っております。(日本語でどうぞ)