6/22 Sat Stitching Class - Intro to SASHIKO

  • $40.00

- Cost 35 two hours class plus materials for 5 = 40 dollars total

- 6/22 Sat 10:30~12:30pm

Join us for a morning of traditional Japanese embroidery in our cozy studio. Sashiko (literally, "little stabs" in Japanese) is meditative, relaxing and beautiful. In addition to creating decorative geometric patterns on fabric, the stitching can also be done to mend damaged textiles, giving them new life. Historically women in Japan collected fabrics and stitched them together using Sashiko technique to darn and make the structure secure and warm. In this class, you will learn the basics of traditional sashiko stitching. 

In this class, we are going to make a lavender sachet! 

If the dates for the group lessons do not play out for you, I can work for your schedule. Please contact me to make an appointment for a  class. Please let me know your preferred date and time when you're checking out or, email me at info@slowstitches.co or text me 513-404-2437  to arrange a class after purchasing the tickets.


ご希望の曜日にも、お一人さまからレッスンを承っております。どうぞご予約をお取りください。513-404-2437 までテキストお願いします。

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