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Chiku-Chiku Boro Big Sashiko Stitching

Chiku-Chiku Boro Big Sashiko Stitching


Slow Stitches Studio

Chiku-Chiku, Slow stitching is the art of hand sewing with mindfulness. Taking time to connect with the fabrics and thread whilst embracing the processes rather than outcomes revitalizes creativity and offers therapeutic relaxation. 

In this 3 hour class, In Boro, scraps of old fabric are repurposed in patchwork. The imperfections and random combinations are celebrated.

Chikuchiku (the sound of the needle going through fabric) is a modern, more playful form of Sashiko stitching, where neat & even stitching is prized. 

*Cost - 65 dollars ( Materials included)

*Required Tools - Nothing 


Please come to learn this traditional Japanese stitching. You will stitch on Japanese vintage fabric. It's just a running stitch but it's so addictive and soothes your soul.


-Booking can be made at your preferred time during studio open hours.

-Please text 513-404-2437 to check availability.

 *By registering to this class, you agree to our cancellation policies.