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Knitting Beginner  -  One day intro
Knitting Beginner  -  One day intro
Knitting Beginner  -  One day intro

Knitting Beginner - One day intro


Slow Stitches Studio

Have you ever wanted to learn how to knit? If so, this two-hour class will be an excellent start for your knitting journey. In this class, you will learn the relaxing, meditative art of knitting. You will leave this class with the skills of :

How to - cast on, Knit & (Purl) stitch, bind off, weave in tails

No experience necessary. 

Required Materials: Nothing! The starter kit included in the price.

- Slow Stitches Studio's original project bag

- One skein of worsted weight yarn and knitting needle

- Darning needle

If the dates for the group lessons do not play out for you, I can work for your schedule. Please contact me to make an appointment for a  class. Please let me know your preferred date and time when you're checking out or, email me at info@slowstitches.co or text me 513-404-2437  to arrange a class after purchasing the tickets.

この2時間のクラスで編み物の基礎を学べます。作り目、表裏編み、伏せ目、糸の始末の仕方などです。全くの初心者さんでも大丈夫です。ゆっくりと丁寧にお教えします。どうぞ手ぶらでお越しください。毛糸、編み針、オリジナルバッグなど全て費用に含まれています。毛糸一玉プレゼント。ご希望の日にもスタジオに空きがありましたらレッスンを承っております。チェックアウトの時にご希望の日時をお知らせください。または、513-404-2437 までテキストしていただくか、info@slowstitches.co までご連絡ください。

*By registering to this class, you agree to our cancellation policies.